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Arioso Dance Studio


(09) 845 4789 (a/h)




Arioso Dance Studio offers children's creative dance classes aim to help develop movement and listening skills, to grow self-confidence and to develop an appreciation of music. Interaction and cooperation with others is encouraged.  Children aged from 3 years upwards are welcome. 

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Classes use mainly (but not exclusively) classical music. Set exercises and dances are taught in every class, however memorizing a "set of steps" is not the focus of the class. All classes end with free dance where children listen to music and then dance to that music in an expressive fashion.

Please email dance@arioso.net.nz for a brochure with more detailed background information.



Dance concert picture 1


Children's dance classes are not running on a weekly basis right now.  However there will be a fun series of summer classes on January 14, 21 and 28th at Te Henga Studios, 130 Bethells Rd.  Join us there at 9am (children aged 4 to 6), or at 10.15am (children age 7 and up).   $10 per class.  Email dance@arioso.net.nz to register.





"Dance is music made visible"

George Balanchine








Image:  Class concert, 2010

                        Image:  "Gumboots and Sandflies" (action shot!), Class concert, Maidment Studio Theatre, 2009